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Just had a conversation with my mother who informed me she wanted to give me the name Artemis but my father wouldn’t go for it.

all of my tears forever


How to make a candle inside a pomegranate (endless devotional uses particularly for hellenic paganism). Click picture for link.

All right, now that my move has been completed (for the most part) I can stop being so inactive, phew.


If your mother doesn’t know that you’re pagan at all, you might want to consider not telling her. Period. She seems intolerant, and if she’s in a fragile mental and/or emotional state this revelation might not be a good thing. I suggest you get there, settle in, and bide your time. Help her and observe her, then decide whether to tell her and how. 

For sure - I’m definitely not going to bust through the door and start burning incense and drawing sigils in chalk on the walls, haha. I certainly plan on waiting until she is stable with herself before letting her in on something that’ll cause more stress.

I believe that after some time I’ll be able to tell her because she actually is less intolerant than she used to be - I think that some of the people she surrounded herself with in the past were very religious, and that rubbed off on her. These days she no longer associates with them, and has become less… enthusiastic over the years about these sorts of things.

I’m thinking pretty far ahead in the future, though. I have enough sense to be discreet about my practices and I can be flexible enough to do what I do without being known… but my mother is a clever lady who can figure things out, so I’m trying to make sure I’m prepared when the time comes. ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

alchemeis: I would start by explaining things your mother has never heard of as that is what gets people curious without prejudice (in my experience). When she starts in with claiming it is devil worship, you can cite resources explaining the theological differences between Paganism and Abrahamic faith.

That does sound good. I’ll have to be careful comparing my beliefs to hers, though, as she’s likely to get defensive. Maybe it’ll be easier for me to show her the similarities first? Or that could backfire, too aaah ( ;°Д°)

But yeah, having credible resources at the ready is a must. I’ll definitely plan for that.

So, very soon I’ll be moving to the coast because my mother needs someone to live with her and help her keep stay safe because she suffers from severe depression that seems to be getting worse.

I love my mother and I’m dropping everything to move and help her. Not even a second thought when I made the decision - but I think I might have a hard time practicing. I already have a habit of being discreet about my beliefs and what I do, but for the most part it’s not difficult because I don’t know many people and I never have guests in my home to see things like my altars and shrines, all my witchy stuffs, or my book collection.

My mother doesn’t know. When I was 12 and obsessed with faeries and Harry Potter, I think she got an idea of the direction I was heading. She deemed both evil works of the devil, and being the pigheaded preteen I was, I dismissed her concerns.

Now, 12 years later, I consider myself a pagan who practices witchcraft. My initial introduction to paganism was not actually inspired by my childhood obsession with faeries and Harry Potter at all. It was inspired by friends I’ve made and experiences I’ve had over the past decade. I know that when I move, it’s not going to be hard for my mom to tell what I’ve been up to, and I don’t want to keep it secret forever.

The issue I’m going to have is trying to explain to her that no, Harry Potter is not the reason I am a witch. Harry Potter is a work of fiction that has had no influence on my beliefs. I’m trying to find ways of explaining this that she’ll understand and it’s difficult for me, I’m at a loss.

You know, I’m not just going to show up and smack her in the face with it. Most of my things will have to stay packed up for a while anyway, since I’m primarily there to help her manage her health.

I’m stressed. Not sure how to handle it yet. (•﹏•;)

tl;dr How do I tell my mom Harry Potter didn’t turn me to Paganism aagh

Anyone have any ideas?

Anonymous: Congrats on your move to the coast!!!

Thank you! It’s still a month away and I’m getting antsy. I haven’t seen the ocean in seven yeeeaaaars (T⌓T)

Aaah! I am finally leaving this desert wasteland for a home by the sea. Living in a landlocked state has never quite felt like home to me, and soon I’ll be living fifteen minutes from the beach.

Aah, all the sea witchery I’ll get up to. Green plants! Trees! Flowers! Super excited to leave the desert. Yaaay ヽ(;▽;)ノ


Bekkathyst’s Prosperity & Success Jar

I just threw together a little jar to help me focus on my work (business has been a bit slow this month), and lift my spirits a bit. These are just the things that work for me, so it might not be the same for everyone. Before I put everything together, I lit a yellow candle and said this little chant. Just to help me focus on my goal. 

Here’s what I added and why:

  • Basil- Attracts luck, money, success
  • Cinnamon stick- Attracts prosperity 
  • Ginger root- Attracts money
  • Lavender- Eases depression, brings peace 
  • Nutmeg- Attracts luck and prosperity 
  • Lemon peel- Rids of negativity
  • Orange oil- Attracts luck and success
  • A drop of seawater- I added this for me because the ocean is my happy place, and I collected that seawater on a trip to my favorite rocky beach with my husband. 
  • Natural citrine- Brings luck and prosperity, and banishes negative energy 
  • Amethyst- Rids of negative energy
  • Quartz- For it’s cleansing and balancing properties

As I added everything, I said the properties out loud, and I was very focused on my goal of happiness and prosperity. It helps me to visualize the ocean since it’s my happy place, but you must visualize whatever makes you happy and focused. 

Spring 2014, finished my house cleaning and finally have a newly primped altar~